Pay by SMS

Pay by SMS

It's so simple! 

1. You make shopping for at least 300 lei, pay with your card and get instant SMS with the information needed for refunding in instalments. 
2. You can respond at any time with the code received, but not later than the day before the date of issue of the statement of the account.
3. As soon as your answer has been sent, we confirm you by SMS the record of the transaction in instalments.
4. You will be able to follow the values of the instalments included in the Campaign in the monthly statements of account.

The regulation for the campaign is available here.

Build a better future with Mastercard!

Build a better future with Mastercard!

Donate by using your credit card Mastercard from TBI Credit, and you will join the #NoiFacemUnSpital initiative.
It is the first Pediatrics Hospital for Oncology and Radiotherapy from Romania, built exclusively from donations of more than 260,000 Romanians and more than 1,700 companies.
Mastercard joins the project as an innovation partner and adds 2 Euro to any donation made with your credit card Mastercard on the website
One more reason for you to start something priceless.

More details here


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